January 5, 2014

new year resolutions

New Year's Fireworks

I guess I'm a little late to hop on the blogger bandwagon of posting my New Year resolutions. I have a love-hate feeling for New Year resolutions because a, I usually forget about them come March, and b, I always set completely unrealistic goals for myself.

Example: Last year I had a goal to go on a big road trip to somewhere new. Did I consider the fact that I am tied at the ankles by college, my job, and my pageant queen duties? Nope.

I have learned this year that if I want to make my goals, I need to set them on a smaller scale, yet keep them effective and exciting.

1. Get straight A's.
2. Always put things away immediately after using them to keep my room squeaky clean.
3. Never miss a day of working out unless I have a crazy good excuse.
4. Volunteer more for community service.
5. Work out a carefully constructed budget and stick to it.

Happy New Year!


  1. Haha I agree. I never stick to my resolutions. Beautiful picture!


  2. Working out a budget seems to be a recurring resolution for me. lol. here's hoping this year sticks. :) Happy belated New Years, love! Can't wait to see more of your fabulous posts this year. :)


    1. Thanks girl! Happy belated New Years to you, too!!